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That’s exactly what many of our best resellers are doing, and it is the best way to go if you want to get the most money for the least amount of work.

Maximise Your Earning Potential

Let’s look at a few figures to see just how effective this tactic could be for you:

Our smallest SEO package is the Bronze package, which we sell for £200 +VAT a month. You could sell this to your own clients for £250 +VAT, processing their orders and picking up £50 a month (that’s just an example by the way – you could sell it for a lot more if you want, and many of our resellers do just that).

So already you are making £600 a year from one client on the smallest Bronze package, just selling to a single client.

But what if you find your own resellers? They can then find their own clients and charge £300 for the Bronze package. They make £50, you make £50, and you have less work to do – you literally just have to process the orders.

So essentially you:

  • Maximise your earnings
  • Do less work
  • Spend more time finding resellers

And On It Goes…

Let’s say that you start charging £300 or more for the lowest package and start making profit on this one alone. You could then start selling the larger, more expensive packages as well. Start getting people sending you these every month and you can start making some serious money.

The more resellers you get, the more people are making money. So rather than just looking for clients, start looking for your own resellers as well. There is no limit on how many resellers you can have working for you, and for each reseller you get, sell the packages for the same price as you would to a client.

It’s less work for you and more time to spend finding new resellers – and making more profits!

They’ll Never Know About Us

Just as your clients will never know about us, neither will your resellers. As far as they are concerned, you are providing them with the SEO services, and it will stay that way.

Make More, Do Less

Making more money while doing less is what everyone wants to do, and by finding your own resellers, that’s exactly what you can do too.

But don’t stop there – encourage them to find their own resellers. The more orders go through you, the more times you will be able to take your cut.

Hopefully this shows you the potential of setting up your own reseller programme, and that is exactly what many of our best resellers are doing. If you have any questions about it, just let us know and we will be happy to help.