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SEO Support Sites

When you start selling our SEO services as a reseller, you can sell any of our packages to your clients. However, in addition to our standard packages, we also provide support sites that you can sell onto your clients to make even more money. Here’s how they work.

What Are Support Sites?


Support sites are small websites that are based around a few keywords. The whole aim is to get them ranking on the first page of Google as soon as possible (that’s why we choose keywords that are not too competitive). Once they are on the first page of Google, we use the support sites to build powerful links back to your client’s main website.

We research the right keywords, choose an exact-match domain, launch the website on WordPress, optimise it with a few tricks of our own and then start to add content. We use a special system to add 50 unique pages of content a month based on the client’s niche, and we then take bits of content from each page and add this to secondary sites, from where we begin to add backlinks to the support site.

Benefits for Your Clients


You can sell these to your own clients as a fantastic additional strategy to take their SEO to new levels. You should explain to your clients that they will still get excellent results from our main plans, but that support sites can be even more powerful.

Support sites can also start to generate business on their own once they start ranking on page one. In fact, we recommend using more than one support site. Recommend to your clients that they start with about five, and the aim is that these should start to generate enough business to pay for the sites on their own. Your client can then invest in extra support sites to get even better results.

Get 2-For-1 on Support Sites

As a reseller, you can get a 2-for-1 deal on support sites. This is an unlimited deal and it’s also stackable – so if you buy 4, you get 2 free, and so on.

They cost £60 per month +VAT, which is great value for what you get. Your clients will absolutely love them and the results they bring, so ask us about support sites or for any more info and we’ll be happy to help.