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How It Works

We’ve been involved with SEO since the mid-1990s before most people had even heard of a search engine. Since then, we have followed all the changes in the industry, including all of the large and small algorithm updates, and adapted our tactics as the search engines have grown increasingly sophisticated. Now, with our reseller scheme, you get to provide the same high level of SEO expertise to your own clients. Here’s how it works:
    • 1.   Choose a Website
You can create your own website to sell our SEO packages, or just grab one of our free ones instead (which we highly recommend). You’re free to edit it however you want to, it’s simply a case of whatever is easiest for you. You can add the content depending upon whether you want to use any of our pre-made SEO packages and how much profit you want to add on. If you want to discuss providing custom packages to your clients or resellers then feel free to ask us about this.
    • 2.   Join Our Free Reseller Scheme
Next, join up to the scheme and we will set you up on our systems. We will send you a few Word documents that you can edit for your own brand, then just send these back to us along with your business logo and we will use all of this information to produce our review packs, branded reports, daily ranking panel and more.
    • 3.   Receive Your Reseller Review Pack
We’ll then email you your own review pack where you can enter your reseller ID code and some brief information, and from this we can build you a branded review pack for any clients you start sending over. The review pack includes: – Several guides – Full keyword research – Competitor data – An on-the-page report We recommend that you grab a review pack at this stage for your own site as well, and you can use this as dummy pack to show your potential clients.

What’s So Good about Our Review Packs?

  Well, unlike many of our competitors whose ‘review packs’ consist of three-page PDF sales brochures, our packs are full of useful and actionable content that shows we’ve taken the time and effort to research their niche fully, and that we’re armed and ready for the best plan of attack to achieve their goals. They have proven to be an excellent sales tool for many years, and you can take advantage of this yourself to help you get even more clients.
    • 4.   Ask Us Questions
Now is the time to ensure you are comfortable with how we work, and we encourage you to ask us as many questions as you want. Remember, we’re always here to help you with anything you need.
    • 5.   Sign Up Some Clients
When you get a new client, the way it works is that they pay you, and you pay us. Simple. For example, for the Bronze Package (our lowest package), we charge £200 +VAT. This is a set price and won’t change, but you are free to charge as much as you want to your own clients. For example, you may decide to charge your clients £300 +VAT, and your profit margin will then be £100 a month – that’s £1,200 a year for one client on our lowest package. When you consider that some of our resellers have over 100 clients (and their own resellers as well), you can start to see the earning potential. It may take a while to build up this many clients, but as long as you are persistent it’s really not that hard and is highly achievable. Take a look at our earnings potential calculator to see just what you could earn.
    • 6.   Send Us the Details
Once you have collected the details from your client, you need to send us the keywords and target URLs or pages they wish to push to the top of the search engines. We’ll then add these into our backlinking systems and your branded ranking system, and we’ll give you access to this. We’ll then create on-the-page reports for each of their pages – all branded with your own brand, of course. Start Building Your Client List That’s it! Start building your client list and you will see just how easy it is to start earning significant amounts of money even on our smallest SEO package. Remember, you can even sell them on to your own resellers and their clients, taking a cut along the way, and some of their clients might add support site systems as well – the potentially monthly income is fantastic! We’re here to help, so get in touch with any questions you have and we look forward to having you as a reseller!