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Free Preview Packs

One of the reasons our SEO reseller service has proved to be so popular is because we provide high-quality, detailed, 100% free SEO review packs to your clients.

When you get a new client and you have sent us all of your branding information, we will carry out the no-obligation review so that you can provide them with the pack in your name.

Why do we provide this for free?

Because it has been an excellent sales tool for us, and it will be for you too. You can take advantage of it yourself to offer your clients something much better than what the competition is offering.

You’ll love these packs because:

They Are High Quality

Most other providers don’t provide a free review pack, so you can instantly make your SEO service stand out. Even for those that do have one, these rarely get close to what we provide and they often consist of no more than a small PDF document making promises about what they can do.

Our free review packs are packed full of information. They contain real, actionable data including:

Competitor Data – we analyse the SEO and PPC success of up to three competitors, looking at their rank, traffic level, bids, etc. This is often enough on its own to convince people to sign up for an SEO package.

On-the-Page Review – we look at the coding of the website, providing a full report on one page, which we do before determining a backlink strategy.

Keyword Data – we target the right keywords that lead to profit. Using a small list of keywords, we will develop a larger list to get specific data for your clients. Once they start paying, they get unlimited keyword data.

We do this because:

– it works as a sales tactic
– we can gauge how much we can help the clients from the start

We don’t make promises that we cannot keep, and by carrying out a review it gives us a great overall picture of their SEO situation so that we can then provide the service they expect and advise on strategy more effectively.

No Hard Sales Tactics

The goal is obviously that your clients will see how good the review pack is and judge our service on that. But we don’t go in for the whole hard sales tactics and follow them up with endless emails and phone calls. We just provide them with their review pack and leave it at that, and it has worked very well for a long time.

You Can Get As Many As You Want

You can send over as many of your clients as you want for this service, and there is no limit. All you have to worry about is selling to your clients using this free service to tempt them in, and you will start to see just how powerful it is.

Close More Sales with Free Review Packs

The simple fact is that you will be able to close more sales using these packs. They really are much higher quality than many of the similar packs on the market, and the result is more business for you and for us!