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Earning Potential

The earnings potential of reselling SEO is truly incredible, however we don’t want this to sound like sales spin so we created a little tool below where you can input how many direct clients you may get on each package, as well as how many of your own resellers you may get and their clients etc.

Simply edit the sections below in RED and click on “calculate” to see your earning potential.

PLEASE NOTE: Our reseller services work in every country however because we are based in the UK and our charges are in £UK the form is based in £UK. If you plan on charging your clients in another currency then here’s a great currency exchange rate site www.xe.com

The calculator explained

At the bottom of this page you’ll find our earnings potential calculator. Here’s what all the inputs, marked in RED, mean:

1. These are the default packages we have – if you require anything a little different then please contact us so we can discuss bespoke packages for you.

2. This is the “base price”, ie the price the package costs you. You will charge your clients more than this and the difference is your monthly profit, for example if you charge £300/m for the bronze, the cost is £200/m so you make £100/m profit from this client.

3. This is what you’ll charge your clients for each package

4. This is how many “direct” clients you have on each package. By “direct” we mean clients that deal with you, ie not your resellers clients.

5. This is what you’ll charge your resellers, as you may wish to give them a discount compared to your direct clients.

6. This is how many clients your average reseller has on each package.

7. This is how many resellers you have.

NOTE: For UK resellers and potentially those in Europe we have to add VAT (a 20% tax), the figures in blue have VAT added on top.
If you have any questions on this form then please feel free to contact us and we’d be delighted to walk you through it.

Calculate your profit: